Important Information About Notarial Services

Proof of Identity

I will require proof of identity (usually a current passport) and of address in England or Wales (recent utility bill, bank statement or similar) when we meet. If possible, please bring copies with you as well as the original (passport, identification page only).

Authentication of Original Documents

If you need the Notary Public to certify the authenticity of an original document (academic or professional certificates, etc.), I will need time to contact the relevant institution. Most institutions charge a fee for this service.

If you can raise this when making an appointment, this will save time for us both. Please note that response times vary widely, and some bodies may take up to two weeks to reply, when asked to confirm the authenticity of a document. In some cases it may be necessary to go through this process when we are asked to certify copies of original documents, if the foreign organisation to which you will be sending the certified copy requires this.

False Documents

Notarised documents may be intended for use in important legal transactions, or to confer powers on third parties.

Some notaries have had recent experience of false or forged documents being produced to them. We therefore reserve the right to check the authenticity of any document should we feel it necessary to do so before signing or releasing it. This may also apply to documents proving identity.