Legalisation is the process by which notarised documents are authenticated on behalf of the UK and other governments. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office carry out legalisation in the UK by fixing to the document a certificate that is known as an Apostille.

Some, but not all, foreign countries require UK legalisation. Some also require legalisation by their own Consulates or Embassies in the UK. Before bringing a document to me for notarisation, please check with the recipient in the country to which the document is going whether any legalisation is required, and if so which, or ask me to do so.

I can then arrange legalisation for you. Additional fees and expenses will apply, which I will explain when I know your requirements.

Documents sent for standard UK legalisation are usually returned in four working days. There is an expedited service for urgent documents. Legalisation by other countries may take longer.

I can arrange for completed documents to be sent direct by post or courier to any UK or foreign address. Costs for this process vary, depending on the destination country and the number of documents. If you would like a quotation, please ask when making an appointment.

Consular legalisation charges will apply and I will provide you with a fee quote if you require this service.

I will often use an agent to ensure the safe and speedy passage of your documents to and from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, particularly if the matter is urgent or if the documents also require consular legalisation. The agent’s fee is additional to that of the Notary Public and again, I will provide you with a fee quote for your agreement.